SIM Training Services Ltd joins RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium

RTITB is proud to announce SIM Training Services Ltd has joined the Master Driver CPC Consortium, the UK’s largest Driver CPC Consortium.

As a member of RTITB’s Master Driver CPC Consortium, SIM Training Services Ltd will now be providing Periodic Training to professional goods drivers and passenger carrying vehicle drivers in and around the local area.

Since 2008 professional heavy goods vehicle and passenger carrying vehicle drivers have been required to undertake regular professional development training as part of a series of measures introduced across Europe to improve safety on all member states’ roads. As members of the Master Driver CPC consortium, SIM Training Services Ltd will be playing a critical role in protecting the safety of all who travel on the road.

RTITB would like to welcome SIM Training Services Ltd to the RTITB family and look forward to working closely with them on the delivery and continuous development of our Master Driver CPC Periodic Training offering.

For more information on the Master Driver CPC Consortium, click here