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LTG4 Electric Pallet/Stacker Truck: Coming Soon

News | 20th Dec 2016

RTITB are pleased to announce the imminent release of LTG4: Electric Pallet/Stacker Truck Trainer’s Guide from the Assist range.

Available to customers from 16th January 2017, LTG4 has been redeveloped to cater to today’s operators, and will cover ABA categories A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7. It will follow the same format the latest new guides released from RTITB throughout the latter half of 2016, with a new layout, new content, new folders and additional USB’s with presentations, saving Instructors time and money.

The guide will include a session library, assessments, a detail syllabus and PowerPoint presentations, giving Instructors everything they need to deliver an effective and successful course.

RTITB accredited organisations who deliver this course will need to ensure they have an up-to-date copy.

The guide is available to pre-order for just £50 until Thursday 22nd December 2016. Discount will decrease to £75 for orders made from 22nd December – 31st January 2017. Any orders from 1st February 2017 will be charged the full sale price of £140.

RTITB Registered Instructors can purchase the guide for £126, whilst RTITB accredited organisations can purchase the guide for £105 (prices stated are sale prices valid from 1st February 2017).


To pre-order your copy now, email assist@rtitb.co.uk, or call +44(0)1952 520203. View the full range of our Trainer’s Guides online.