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Jack Richards & Son Notes Improved Compliance After Joining RTITB Driver CPC Consortium

News | 23rd Jan 2018

Jack Richards & Son has praised the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium after it joined RTITB to deliver flexible, standardized Driver CPC training to its fleet of 500+ drivers.

For over 60 years Jack Richard & Son has been caring for customers and their road transport needs, working from strategically located depots across the country. Privately owned and independently run, it operates road haulage services around the UK, palletized-load distribution across Europe and the UK, as well as localized warehousing and storage.

Jack Richards & Son joined RTITB’s consortium, the largest Driver CPC consortium in the UK, and through doing so now has access to a complete and consistent Driver CPC training solution. All drivers are receiving the required training and development through 7 hours of training each year, delivered by the company’s 8 RTITB qualified Driver CPC Instructors.

On their partnership with RTITB, Demus Smerdon, Training & Hygiene Manager for Jack Richards & Son (South), commented: “We deliver training of value, not of necessity because the most important people in our operation are our drivers – RTITB offers us a one-stop shop for our driver and instructor training needs. We have found that if you deliver the right training, you save time and money on managing issues further down the line. As a professional body, by working with RTITB we also have the complete reassurance of compliance and enjoy exceptional operational support from their team.”

Smerdon continued “Seven hours of Driver CPC training a year is not enough to change a company, but it’s enough to cement driver’s skills and responsibilities and bring about a culture change for the better. Operations that treat it as a ‘box ticking’ exercise are missing a trick and we’d recommend they talk to RTITB about their training needs.”

One of the benefits of joining the Master Driver CPC Consortium is the flexibility it offers to employers and as a result, the training for the business’ drivers has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the drivers, helping to encourage professional development. Jack Richards and Sons’ drivers now have an increased knowledge of compliance, which has helped supported the needs of their business.

Delivering driver training in-house, as opposed to outsourcing, also provided Jack Richards & Son with another way to make potential savings. Working with the RTITB Instructor Academy, Jack Richards & Son has doubled its number of trained instructors delivering in-house driver training courses. All instructors have received a formal RTITB qualification, equipping them with the skills required to deliver RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training at Jack Richards & Son’s various depots throughout the UK.

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