Vacuum (Glass Lifting) Training

The Vacuum Lifting training course, also referred to as glass lifting, will give you skills needed to be a safe and efficient vacuum lifter. Many leading contractors will allow permit RTITB trained vacuum lifters on their site.

This is a specialist course and therefore not all RTITB centres deliver this training. However, those who do may offer nationwide coverage.

The course will cover, but is not limited to, the following areas;

  • Introduction to the machine
  • Introduction to the controls
  • Identifying requirements and correct lifter for task
  • Correct lifting procedures
  • Completion of pre-use inspection
  • Operator’s safety code


The HSE has provided guidance about the safe use of vacuum lifting equipment.


To find our accredited glass vacuum lifting centres enter your postcode below, or if you are outside of the UK tick the box to see a list of our international training providers. You can then contact the RTITB centre of your choice directly through our website to book your training.