Wyre Forest District Council

Wyre Forest is a local government district in Worcestershire, UK, covering the towns of Kidderminster, Stourport-on-Severn and Bewdley, and several civil parishes and their villages. The council runs out of offices on the outskirts of Kidderminster.
The council has its own fleet of LGVs, covering waste management, street cleaning, tree operations and other services, employing 35 drivers.
Wyre Forest were looking to deliver engaging training to it's fleet of 35 drivers, and overcome the negative reputation of Driver CPC Periodic Training, while improving driver skills and ensuring compliance with the requirements of Driver CPC.


"I would recommend joining the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium as it takes the hard work out of Driver CPC Periodic Training, having access to a library of off-the-shelf training materials really works for us. Instead of spending time writing courses, now I can spend the time delivering training.

Being part of the Consortium also means that I have chance to share feedback and experiences with fellow members and learn from what other organisations are doing with Driver CPC.

I was trained as a Driver CPC Instructor at the RTITB Instructor Academy and based on my experience, I can’t imagine there is any better provider of ‘train the trainer’ courses."

Glyn Owen | LGV CPC Instructor | Wyre Forest District Council


What Has Wyre Forest District Council Achieved?
  • Improved attitudes to training: In the past, experienced drivers felt that the Driver CPC Periodic Training covered things they already knew. Now, with a range of thought-provoking training topics, drivers’ interest levels have increased, and training now revolves around two-way conversation. Drivers are sharing with their colleagues that they have had a positive training experience, and this is helping change attitudes across the whole fleet.
  • Better driver communication: Interactive training, with opportunities to debate and participate rather than just sit in a classroom, has broken down communication barriers. Driver communication skills have improved generally, so they are now much more willing to talk about any issues. This is proving beneficial to the organisation overall. The Professional Driver training module which includes a focus on health, diet and stress, had a particularly positive effect on encouraging driver communication.
  • Ready-made, engaging training: Having 15 modules to choose from, each with five training topics, Wyre Forest District Council can select the most suitable training for drivers depending on their skillset and experience. This prevents repetition and helps keep drivers engaged. Thanks to the different training methods available such as Q&As and quizzes, every day of training can be different and tailored to driver needs. This also keeps the content fresh and interesting for instructors.
  • RTITB Instructor Academy qualified trainers: To secure in-house expertise, two LGV and Driver CPC Instructors were trained at the RTITB Instructor Academy in Telford, UK. The enjoyable course proved very tough, ensuring that less experienced trainers came away at the end with a complete and well-rounded insight, as well as a qualification.
  • New commercial income stream: Having trained LGV and Driver CPC Instructors, Wyre Forest District Council realised cost savings to their own operations as well as discovering commercial potential for the council. Since the beginning of 2018 it has offered LGV and Driver CPC training to other local businesses, either on their own site or at customer premises. In 2018, the organisation delivered training for numerous customers, and is expecting a large amount of repeat business in the coming year. The training modules, topics and delivery methods can be tailored to the customer’s needs and address specific issues in their business, for example, drivers’ hours. The commercial business has been received well, providing a good return and profit. In future Wyre Forest District Council’s Instructors will be offering assistance to customers in planning and delivering their Driver CPC training across the 5-year cycle.


Benefits of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium:
  • The vast Driver CPC training library includes 45 menus consisting of quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions that can be delivered by trained Driver CPC Instructors in bite size topics, rather than by using PowerPoint.
  • There are no hidden costs, with the first year of membership and all courses completely free and no charges for routine audits
  • Regular meetings with RTITB and members of the Consortium ensure that organisations can share best practice, provide feedback and contribute to the future of Driver CPC on a national level.
  • Members have access to the innovative course builder for creating personalised training without time-consuming development effort and can also work with RTITB to create bespoke JAUPT approved training modules.


Benefits of the RTITB Instructor Academy

  • The RTITB Instructor Academy offers comprehensive, independent instructor training, providing trainees with an industry-recognised qualification
  • It is the only ‘train the trainer’ centre in the UK and Ireland that is dedicated to training LGV and Driver CPC Instructors, so that organisations can reduce costs whilst improving safety and productivity
  • Training can be delivered either at the RTITB Instructor Academy’s specialist training facility or on company premises


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