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National Operator Registration Scheme


The National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS) is the centralised validation, registration and certification scheme for all RTITB accredited training. Registration on NORS lasts for 3 years from the date of test. Six months prior to expiry, all operators are sent notification that their registration period is due to expire, therefore encouraging re-training/testing and in turn improving safety and efficiency in workplace transport.

NORS began as a pilot scheme in 2003. Throughout the two-year pilot period various consultations were undertaken with RTITB accredited organisations. A number of changes were made to the original NORS scheme including lower prices, reduction in the registration period and the introduction of various registration options.

NORS became a standard feature of accreditation for all new RTITB accredited organisations in 2005, becoming a standard feature for ALL RTITB accredited organisations on 3rd April 2006. All accredited organisations agree to register operator training via NORS as part of the accreditation criteria so remember, IF IT’S NOT NORS, IT’S NOT RTITB ACCREDITED.

Since its original inception in 2003 over 345,000 qualifications have been registered on NORS.

How will NORS benefit me, the Operator?

  • It will allow you to easily obtain duplicate certificates in the event of loss or damage to originals
  • It will allow employers to easily verify the details of your training

How will NORS benefit me, the Training Organisation?

  • It will raise the confidence in operator training
  • It will support the high quality training provided by RTITB accredited  training organisations
  • It will help prevent non-accredited organisations and instructors issuing counterfeit “RTITB” certificates
  • It will encourage repeat business via the registration renewal notification which always includes the contact details of the training organisation that trained and registered the operator (if the organisation has remained RTITB accredited)

How will NORS benefit me, the employer?

  • It will be easy to identify properly trained RTITB Operators via the NORS registration number
  • It will be easy to obtain further information about training undertaken by a current or prospective employee
  • The registration renewal notification will support employers to ensure their operators remain safe operators, who receive refresher training as described by the HSE route map and guidance. 

For more detailed information about NORS, the benefits and how the scheme works, please download the NORS Guide.

What are the different NORS Options?

  • Option 1 – Validation, Registration, Certification and Photo ID - £9.95 + VAT
  • Option 2 – Validation, Registration and Certification - £7.75 + VAT
  • Option 3 – Validation, Registration and Photo ID - £7.75 + VAT
  • Option 4 – Validation and Registration - £5.20 + VAT

Note: There is a £5.00 surcharge per paper application

The options available for RTITB registered instructors registering their existing operator qualifications are:-

  • Option 3 – Registration and ID Card - £11.65 + VAT
  • Option 4 – Registration only - £5.20 + VAT

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