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National Operator Registration Scheme


Since 2003, the National Operator Registration Scheme has been helping to reduce administrative time and cost whilst improving workplace safety and reducing skill fade. With our innovative certification scheme, employers and operators can be confident that they have proof that their training is genuine and accredited by a recognised body. 

How do we help keep staff and stock safe?

  • All RTITB accredited organisations are added to the NORS scheme and remain registered for 3 years. Six months prior to the end of their registration period all operators are sent notification of expiration and are encouraged to undertake refresher training in order to renew their registration. This ensures that operator skills are up-to-date, helping to create a safer work environment.
  • NORS helps to eradicate counterfeit operator certificates through a robust auditing process across all accredited organisations.
  • Every year we reject over 1500 applications for incorrectly completed training. Without NORS, there would be 1500 operators in the workplace possibly putting themselves and others in danger. With over 478,000 qualifications registered, NORS is a safe pair hands.

How will NORS benefit me, the Operator?

  • It’s easier to replace lost or damaged certificates
  • Employers can easily check details of your training

How will NORS benefit me, the Training Organisation?

  • Raises customer’s confidence in your training
  • Helps prevent non-accredited organisations and instructors issuing counterfeit “RTITB” certificates
  • The registration renewal notification promotes your business by sending your organisation’s contact details to operators your organisation has trained and registered. 

How will NORS benefit me, the Employer?

  • It’s easier for you to identify properly trained operators with their unique NORS registration number
  • You can easily get information about a current or prospective employee’s previous training
  • The registration renewal notification supports you in ensuring operators receive refresher training, reducing skill fade and maintaining safety.

What are the different NORS Options?

  • Option 1 – Validation, Registration, Certification and Photo ID - £9.95 + VAT
  • Option 2 – Validation, Registration and Certification - £7.75 + VAT
  • Option 3 – Validation, Registration and Photo ID - £7.75 + VAT
  • Option 4 – Validation and Registration - £5.20 + VAT

Note: There is a £5.00 surcharge per paper application

The options available for RTITB registered instructors registering their existing operator qualifications are:-

  • Option 3 – Registration and ID Card - £11.65 + VAT
  • Option 4 – Registration only - £5.20 + VAT

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