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Update: Digital Tachograph Card Errors

Update: Digital Tachograph Card Errors

11th Apr, 2012

TACL_logo_rgbOn 28th March we informed you of the recent issue regarding digital tachograph card errors. Following the initial report that was released by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the following information has been passed onto RTITB by Nigel Kirkwood from Tachograph Analysis Consultants Limited, that identifies the different errors that have been recorded, and how you can resolve this issue. 

The possible error codes that may appear on the digital tachograph display when the card is inserted include: 


In some cases you may also get ‘ERROR CODE 50’. This is not related to the current Code 48 problem but you will still need to contact the DVLA in order to obtain your reference number as mentioned below.

The above errors do not relate to all digital tachograph cards, only some, but should you experience any issues with your card, it is advisable to confirm that it is not working by checking it in another vehicle.

If your card is indefinitely not working, you must inform your Transport Manager. You must also contact the DVLA personally, via telephone, to obtain a reference number and return your card to the DVLA who will issue you with a new card. Your company may provide you with a letter that can be given to an Enforcement Officer to explain that you are currently driving without a card whilst you await the arrival or your new one.

In order to obtain a new card you will need to complete form D777B, which can be obtained from the DVLA offices by ringing 0300 790 6109 (there is a special helpline at the DVLA), or from VOSA testing stations, stating your individual reference number. Send the completed form, along with your faulty card, labelling the envelope as ‘Error Code 48’, to:

SA99 1AZ

Should you experience an error with your card you must apply for a new one as soon as possible. You will not incur any charge for the faulty card and a new replacement will be issued to you free of charge. However, should you fail to return your card it could be treated in a different way by the DVLA and a charge may be incurred.

In the meantime, you are permitted to continue driving professionally, without your card, for up to 15 calendar days. You will need to have two printouts from the digital tachograph for each shift, which will be “vehicle” prints as your driver card has been sent away.

What do I do at the start of my shift?

Using the main menu on the digital tachograph, scroll to the option, ‘Vehicle Printout’. Take a printout at the very start of your shift, before you have completed a walk-around check. If you started work earlier than the time you were able to do a printout, add a manual entry on the back of the printout, stating the time you actually started work. Throughout your shift, keep a manual record of your activities by completing the 24-hour scale on the reverse of the printout.

At the end of your shift, take another printout. If you finished work later than the time you were able to do this, add a manual entry onto the back of the printout, stating the time you actually finished. On the back of each printout you must ensure to print your full name, the date and finally, add your signature.

The print outs will act as part of your legal records and so must be kept in the same way as any other tachograph records. They must also be available for inspection by an Enforcement Office and handed in at the appropriate time.



Nigel Kirkwood, Tachograph Analysis Consultants Limited

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